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Adoption Policies

All potential adopters are required to fill out an application which can be found here. Completed applications can be sent to the individual email address on the dog you are interested in. General applications can be emailed to

All potential adopters are subject to phone interviews after their application has been received. All of our adoptions require a home visit. We require all family members to meet the dog before adoptions are made and this includes any other furry members of the family.

We require our adopters to be committed to the health and well being of our dogs for the rest of their natural lives. This means that we require all of our adoptables to be spayed and neutered. We also require that all other animals in the house be altered. This policy is to help prevent more unwanted dogs and cats in shelters and it is non-negotiable.

We encourage all adopters to be honest with themselves and us about their lifestyles, wants and dog experience. While we understand that many people have already chosen a pet that they are interested in after seeing them on Petfinder, we want to make sure that our matchmaking is for life. Sometimes this means that the dog a potential adopter is interested in might not be a good match. In this case, we ask that they keep an open mind and allow us to advise them on other dogs who may be a better match.

After adoption, we encourage all of our adopters to keep in touch with us and come to us with any problems that may arise. We strive provide a support system for the rest of the dog's life and will do our best to assist with any issues and to answer any questions. We also can't stress enough how much we enjoy hearing about how happy the dogs we place are in their new homes!

NOTE: The Rescue Express works with positive reinforcement trainers ONLY. We do not condone or encourage dominance theory and will not adopt to those who do. We feel that this leads to more well behaved dogs, less behavioral problems and a better relationship between dogs and their families. If you would like more information on why we have this policy, check out the Our Core Values page.

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