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Our foster families are our biggest resource, and the more foster families we add to our family, the more dogs we can save. Our growing network of fosters consists of individuals and families up and down the East Coast. Some of our fosters have other pets, some do not. Some have children, some do not. We love the diversity of our group and we find that it makes it easier for us to find foster homes that are appropriate for dogs with a variety of needs.

You can download our foster application here. Completed applications can be emailed to

Foster Policies

Our foster families are required to provide a loving, healthy, temporary home for the dogs that we have pulled from shelters who have yet to find their forever families. The rescue covers all medical expenses while our dogs are in foster care. They may be asked to provide transportation to veterinary visits if needed. In the event of a critical illness, injury or other emergency, they are expected to provide immediate care and to contact us as soon as possible. Non-critical veterinary visits are scheduled through the rescue.

We do require our foster families to work with one of our trainers to address any behavioral problems that develop and prevent any future problems. This means actively working to socialize young dogs, making progress with potty training when applicable, and notifying us of any behavioral issues that are present or that develop while the dog is in their care. This partnership with local trainers is essential to making our foster families' lives easier and raises each of our dogs' adoption potential. These trainers are dedicated to saving these dogs and provide advice and consultations to our fosters free of charge.

All resident animals in any foster home must be spayed and neutered and up to date on all vaccines before fostering can occur. We will conduct a phone interview and a home visit after your application has been received. All members of the household must be present at the home visit, or at the time you meet your foster dog. Resident dogs must meet any potential foster dog before fostering can take place.

Please be honest with yourselves and us about your lifestyle, wants and dog experience when applying to be a foster parent. We will do our best to match you with a dog that will fit in well with you and your family.

NOTE: The Rescue Express works with positive reinforcement trainers ONLY. We do not condone or encourage dominance theory and will not work with fosters who do. We feel that this leads to more well behaved dogs, less behavioral problems and a better relationship between dogs and their families. If you would like more information on why we have this policy, check out the Our Core Values page.
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